What needed to be achieved?

Maribyrnong Council approached Everline after delivering a successful tender to internally re-develop and extend its heritage listed Maribyrnong Pavilion, which was fist constructed in 1933.

What took place?

The challenges of re-developing a heritage building were not new to Everline and we were able to foresee the structural issues an old building like this posed. With our experience and knowledge, we were able to work around these challengers without affecting cost or time.

What was the end result?

At the completion of the project, Everline delivered a high quality facility never compromising on budget or time. We have successfully delivered many other projects for Maribyrnong Council and continue to maintain a strong relationship built on trust.

Client: Maribyrnong Council

Skills: Construction , Planning


Everline has delivered this project with great satisfaction to our community

Peter Daglish, Maribyrnong Council

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