What needed to be achieved?

Everline with Maribyrnong Council was able to develop a construction plan which focused on the timely delivery of a fully functional facility whilst the building was being used by the local community.

What took place?

Everline worked with both the client and the user groups to move the project at a quick steady pace, allocating its broad resources where required and never compromising on cost, quality and safety.What was the end result?

What was the end result?

The project was completed successfully and the clients every need was satisfied. Everline has maintained a solid name with the Maribyrnong Council and as a result of the success of this project and many others, is now a preferred builder.

Client: Maribyrnong Council

Skills: Construction , Planning


Everline has delivered this project with great satisfaction to our community

Peter Daglish, Maribyrnong Council

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